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Here are a list of names of 6888th members from the DMV Area. Our founder Gladys Schuster is originally from New York that is why she is listed under New York. However she is laid to rest in Virginia. She later married so Carter was added to her last name. Gladys Schuster Carter. 



Battle, Arleatha Silver PVT; Bridgers, Jessie Mae PVT; Campbell, Irma Lucille CPL; Cephas Frances E PFC; Crabtree, Susan V CPL; Dedeaux, Olive Katheryn PFC; Dixon, Alyce Lillian PFC; Ellison, Edith Marie PFC; Gary, Sarah Belle PVT; Gibson, Eleanor Wyetta PVT; Givens, Elsie PFC; Hall, Gertrude Virginia SGT; Harrison, Lillie Beatrice PFC; Hart, Bernice Annie T5; Jackson, Elvire Louise PFC; Johnson, Emma Elizabeth PVT; Johnson, Lucille Virginia Mae PVT; Kelly, Cecelia Hare SGT; Knox, Vergie D SSG; Lee, Hattie Mae PFC; Lofty, Velma Claire PVT; McKinney, Marie A PVT; Miller, Hilda M PFC;



Arnes, Agnes E PVT; Elzie, Vivian N 2LT; Jackson, Mary Rebecca CPL; Jones, Laura Mae PVT; Matthews, Vashti Murphy PFC; Moore, Annie Beulah PVT; Nailor, Mary Catherine PVT; Noisette, Emily Olive PFC; Parker, Thelma Alice PVT; Philyaw, Ethel; Pollard, Hortense PFC; Pollitt, Lucy Geraldine PVT; Sydnor, Gloria A PVT; Tate, Catherine L PVT; Taylor, Gloria Phenryne PVT; Whyte, Grace Margaret PVT; Wilkins, Annie B 



Akers, Amelia T5; Allen, Dorothy Elizabeth PFC; Allen, Earnestine Ada PVT; Allison, Alice Mae T4;

Barbour, Margaret Francis PFC; Bowden, Kitty Cornelia PFC; Buster, Mary Emira SGT; Bratcher, Lillie G PFC; Brown, Catherine G SGT; Carr, Irene V CPL; Chappell, Frances PVT; Coleman, Mary Minkins PVT; Davis, Eula Gray PVT; Diggs, Rosa Gertrude PFC; Drummond, Martha A CPL; Edwards, Bertie Marie 2LT; Evans, Isabella P SSG; Finley, Annie Turner PFC; Galloway, Phyllis Inez PVT; Garrison, Anne B PVT; Gaskill, Edith F PFC; Hairston, Marie M T5; Henderson, Helen Ernestine PFC; Holmes, Helen R T5; Hutchins, Dorothy Elizabeth T5; Jackson, Dorothy Mae PFC; Jefferson, Frances Gertrude T5; Jennings, Hazel C CPL; Johnson, Romay C PVT; Jones, Leona Virginia PVT; Lawrence, Marian Elizabeth SGT; Lee, Katherine T5; Lewis, Mamie Lessie PFC; Marshall, Genevieve PVT; Medley, Mary Nannie T5; Mitchell, Myke A PVT; Moore, Elizabeth Christina CPL; Moton, Jennie Dee CPL; Penny, Louise Tyler SGT; Pleasants, Annie Lucille PVT; Riddick, Ruth V CPL; Ross, Louise Virginia PVT; Ruffin, Grace Lee PFC; Scott, Antoinette Lillian PVT; Sessoms, Gertrude CPL; Smith, Myke A. Mitchell PVT; Stokes, Aubrey Annette 2LT; Tonkins, Vashti B 1LT; Wilson, Marcell Booker SGT.

Find a Grave and Honor a 6888th Member (DMV):


Gladys Schuster Carter:


Adell Lamb McCoy:


Grace Lee Ruffin:


Vashti Murphy Matthews:


Deloris Louise Ruddock:


Arlethea Mollie Cawthorne


Velma Anne Watson


Velma Watson


Mary Nannie Lawson:


Lucy Geraldine

Later Lucy Geraldine Pollitt:


Gertrude Virginia Clark



Born in Virginia buried in Philadelphia:


Love Peace Anderson:


Phyllis Inez Galloway Meekins


From Maryland buried in Philly:


From Georgia buried in Pennsylvania:


From Georgia buried in Pennsylvania:


From Georgia cremated in Pennsylvania:


Ursula Virginia Davis

Served during World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War

Served from 1943 to 1971.

Central Directory Postal Battalion

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