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In 2019 at the Black Caucus Conference three members met with the National NABMW President, Patricia Kelley and The Northeast Regional Director, Catherine LaPorte to discuss an interest in standing up a chapter in the Capital Region. The three members were, Sharon Drummer, Dee Richardson and Princess Facen. Several months passed before we had a group meet to form a cluster group to move our idea further regarding establishing a Chapter. At the height of Covid-19, in the summer of 2020, Jacqueline Nichols joined forces with us as a transfer-in from the NYC Chapter. An application was submitted, and policies and By-laws were established for the new group. On July 31, 2020, our cluster group officially became District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) Cluster#101. After numerous Zoom meetings and telephone calls we actively started recruiting for members in November 2020. At the end December 2020, we had in excess of 12 members. By late January our numbers for members had grown to 23. On 27 February 2021 42 Charter Members were inducted into the DMV Chapter of the National Ass ociation of Black Military Women. Since induction the chapter has quickly become a part of the communities. The organization supports various veterans' activities throughout the DMV area and have partnered with other organization in the area with like focus and goals. The DMV Chapter is led by Princess Facen as the first President; Teresa Polk, Vice President; Lorna Chapmon, Secretary; Sharon Rogers Drummer, Treasurer; Jacqueline Nichols, Membership Chair; Lucretia McClenney, Historian; Dorene Hurt, Assistant Historian; Angeline Hemingway, Chaplain, Cathy N. Troutman, Public Relations Officer; and Dee Richardson, Parliamentarian.

The Foundering Members are:

  1. Adams-Ender, Clara BG (R) Army Member

  2. Bell, Debulon E., LTC (R) Army Member

  3. Bilal, Arneshuia, CPT (R) Army Member

  4. Bowles, Joyce, COL (R) Army Member

  5. Bryant-Radshid, Margaret, (Mrs.) DHA Associate Member

  6. Chatmon, Lorna, COL (R) Army Secretary

  7. Cobbs, LaShonda, COL (R) Member

  8. Cumbo, Jacqueline COL (R) Member

  9. Collins, Sharon, (Civilian) Army Member

  10. Dickerson, Tonya, COL Army Member

  11. Douglas, Tracy, COL (R) Army Member

  12. Douglas Kerellius, Nancy, CDR (R) Navy

  13. Evans, Deloise. MAJ (R) Air Force

  14. Facen, Princess COL (R) Army President

  15. Fox, Leanna, COL (R) Army Member

  16. Hemingway, Angelene, COL (R) Army Chaplain

  17. Hunt, Dorene, COL (R) Army Assistant Historian

  18. Jones, Carol A., COL (R) Army Member

  19. McClenney, Lucretia, COL (R) Army Historian

  20. Minter, Jacqueline Joy, LTC (R) Army

  21. Napper, Joy, COL (R) Army Member

22. Nichols, Jacqueline, LTC (R) Army Membership Chair

23. Plumber, Jacqueline, (Mrs.) Army Associate Member

24. Polk, Teresa, MAJ (R) Army Vice-President

25. Price (Barnes), Saundra, LTC (R) Army

26. Reese, Ritza, COL (R) Army Member

27. Richardson, Dee, (Mrs.) Army Associate Member

28. Riley, Yvette, LTC (R) Army Assistant Secretary

29. Robinson-Curry, Jennifer, COL (R) Army Member

30. Rogers-Drummer, Sharon, MAJ (R) Army Treasurer

31. Scofield, Krystal, LTC (R) Army Member

32. Shambley, Joyce, LTC (R) Army Member

33. Simmons, Bettye, BG (R) Army Member

34. Tarrant, Karena, LTC (R) Army Member

35. Trass, Deidre, (Mrs.) DOD  Associate Member

36. Troutman, Cathy, LTC (R) Army Public Relations Officer

37. Walker, Suzanne, LTC (R) Army Member

38. Weatherington, Lisa, COL (R) Army Member

39. Wilkerson, Carol, COL (R) Army Member

40. Wimbush, Carolyn, LTC (R) Army Member

41. Winfree, Juanita, COL (R) Army Member

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