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  • Completed monthly virtual meetings

  • Participated and represented our National Association at Mrs. Vivian Mildred Bailey aka Aunt Millie, 104-year-old 1LT WWII Veteran at both her wake and Memorial in Maryland

  • Donation of Personal Care Hygiene articles to Charlotte Hall an assisted living facility for Veterans 

  • Donated Personal Hygiene item Baskets to the Homeless Women Program at the VA 

  • Partnered with Dr. JoAnn Fishers Organization (WVUCI) for special projects in the surrounding area. Currently working on the Annual Baby Shower Project.

  • Six members Represented and attended the Kennedy Center Gala and play, "Eyes of the World", and met the descendants of the 6888 Mail Bn

  • Attended and participated in the Women's Veterans AppreSHEation Day Program, where we were given a servicemember salute and participated in the Wreaths Across America Radio Recording, who podcasted live from the Woman's Memorial in celebration of the day

  • Participated in the Black Veterans Empowerment Council (BVEC) National Convening This was the first Convening conference for the group of it's kind where all organizations joined forces to have an impact on policies affecting Veterans. We will have a seat at the table for their Women Brain Trust Think Tank

  • A table of ten purchased to represent our Organization at the Soulful Luncheon in support of the Links initiative to support Seniors and Youth in the Community at the MGM Hotel


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